Bridge Academy and ACE Academy Dress Code

Students must be in dress code in order to attend class

1. Students must wear appropriate fitting khaki colored pants with belt loops (no cargo,
stretch/form fitting, capris, joggers, jeans); no elastic waists or pant legs.
2. Shirts must be solid black, white or blue with a collar and must be tucked in. All student
pants must be buttoned. No colored or large emblems (quarter sized or smaller) on shirts.
3. Sleeves may be worn under short sleeved shirts, but must be black, white or blue.
No hoodies under collared shirts.
4. Students must wear a belt (black or brown only).
5. Students must wear solid black dress shoes or solid black sneakers. Flip-flops, boots,
sandals, crocs and slippers are NOT ALLOWED.
6. Jackets and hoodies must be left at check in unless special approval by
7. No shorts/pants under uniform pants.
8. No combs/picks/hairbrushes.
9. No hats and/or head covering including hooded sweatshirts, bandanas,
sweatbands, stocking caps, do-rags, etc. may be worn in the building. Any of these
prohibited items will be left at check in.
10. Light colored black or brown mascara, clear lip gloss and foundation only. No false
eye lashes, eyeliner, colored eye shadow, blush, lipstick, or heavy eye brow makeup,
no long painted or long nails.
11. No distracting/extreme hairstyles. No hair color or bleached tips. No shaved designs.
12. No slits cut into eyebrows.
13. No jewelry or piercings
14. No lanyards. Keys must be on a single ring and left at check in.
15. Backpacks, drawstring bags or purse will be left at check in and will be searched.
16. Students may not have more than $10 in their possession.
17. Pencils only, No mechanical pencils, or pens
18. No cell phones/electronics or head phones.
19. No outside food or drinks. Clear sealed water bottle only
20. No extra clothing for after school.
21. Prohibited items will be collected and released to guardian.
** All items that a student brings in the building will be locked and secure in an individual
bag. The student will be given a number to match the bag and items will be returned. If
something is confiscated that item will not be returned.